We help brands engage in the world of gaming.

Audience and Channel Strategy

Ready to jump in with both feet? We developed unique and tailored strategies to help you engage with gaming in full confidence. We’ll help you identify your audience, where to reach them, and what to make for them.

Our Approach

What is confusing to gamers about our product? What do they like? How do they match our existing audience segmentation? Where are the opportunities to engage that are consistent with our brand voice?

We’ll work with you to jump headfirst into audience research with qualitative and quantitative tools to give you the best sense of who your tribe is in gaming. We’ll build your existing personas or develop new ones. We’ll work to define your messaging and figure out what channels are right for you.

“Working with Twofivesix made our first foray into gaming a special one.”

-Neil Blumenthal, CEO, Warby Parker

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