We help brands engage in the world of gaming.

Workshops and Custom Research

Scared to make the jump into the world of games? Confused about where to start? We’ll help you close your knowledge gap with introductory presentations and custom research.

Our Approach

We start by walking you through the existing market and trends on the ground. Twofivesix will show you all the different ways to look at how audiences work in the gaming space use our Play/Share/Experience model. We can even tailor this to your specific industry. Do you want to know about the area in general? Do you struggle to convince your coworkers on the importance of activation? Maybe you used to be more up to speed but need a refresher?

We work closely with you, week over week, to make sure we’re aligning your internal goals with what can you can achieve in the world of gaming and how to find your target audience in a $150 billion industry.

Workshops take that initial assessment one step deeper. We take what you already know about your audience and help you build the tools through workshop engagements to identify a strategy to move forward in the world of games.

“Twofivesix has a great grasp on how to authentically speak to a really difficult demographicthe gamer. The insights they brought to the table were invaluable.”

-Sam Distaso, Director of Strategic Business Development, Sansar

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