Creating Positive Gaming Spaces with EA’s Chris Norris

September 22, 2023

One of the big questions I get is around the dreaded T word — toxicity. This is a huge concern for brands worried they’re jumping into a space without guard rails. Gaming undoubtedly has pockets of negativity, but Chris Norris says, “1% of players might be called disruptive.”

Chris would know. He’s the senior director of player communication at Electronic Arts. Chris spends his time on the other 99% of players, making EA titles a welcoming and enjoyable environment for players in any game in their portfolio. At EA, that’s called “positive play.”

We had a wide-ranging conversation, perfect for anyone dealing with “brand safety” questions at their organization:

+ how brands can think about the dreaded T word “toxicity.”

+ the difference between social networks and game spaces

+ how brands can navigate game communities vs. game-adjacent space

+ what game publishers are doing to encourage pro-social behavior (and what to look for in a partner)