Ushering Beggars Group into gaming communities

The Assignment

Beggars Music Group was interested in learning more about the gaming space and identifying gaming partners who match the Beggars’ aesthetic and tone.

The Results

We gave an introductory gaming and marketing presentation to Beggars Group and their label heads, presenting creative thought starters for potential activations and collaborations. The presentation was a conversation starter for their licensing team and the marketing groups for each of their labels.

CGI alter-ego of singer Grimes as shown in her performance at The Game Awards

What We Did

We worked with the Beggars Group to understand their goals and get them up to speed on the gaming space. We did a deep dive into independent gaming companies that matched their labels’ tones and styles, looked into interactive art spaces and events for inspiration, and determined potential partner opportunities along with creative thought starters on how artists can get involved in the gaming space.

What They Got

Over the course of the project, we created an introductory 101 presentation on the gaming industry as a primer on the intersections of gaming and music. We also produced a list of indie studios that match the style of their labels and artists and outlined opportunities for collaborating with game developers.