Concord Music gets equipped to go live in a gaming world

The Assignment

Concord Music knew that marketing to a gaming audience was important, but they didn’t know how to go about it. They reached out to us to learn about best practices around the space.

The Results

Concord was able to give their licensing team new targets and companies to pursue. With several best-in-class examples in their pocket, they started developing their own Twitch channel and committed to helping their artists make their own Twitch accounts.

Screenshot of intro sequence to music video for the song "Judgement Night" by HEALTH. The art style is made to look like the start sequence to an arcade cabinet game.

What We Did

We worked with the Concord group to get them up to speed on the gaming space and outlined the opportunities that exist at the intersection of gaming and music. Over the course of several months, we learned more about their capabilities and provided research and guidance on their biggest questions.

What They Got

Over the course of the project, we developed several internal research decks that addressed current trends, including monthly updates on new developments taking place in the overlapping space between games and music. We developed gaming influencer personas, provided recommendations on partnerships with game developers, and presented creative thought starters for potential future activations.

In addition, we developed a guide on best practices for using Twitch to prepare the studios for live stream production.