Research Report

Marketing to a Gaming Audience 101

Level 1: Play

A Primer on In-Game Advertising and IP Collaborations

Twofivesix Gaming Marketing 101 series gives you a lay of the land of what’s possible at the intersection of games and marketing. We detail the Twofivesix Levels of Play framework along with plenty of industry examples to solidify your understanding of each level. In the debut report, we focus on the first level of our model: Play, representing everything that happens in-game. We review marketing activations and advertising that have happened inside games, from banner ads to Fortnite collaborations.

The 45-page report includes:

– Prime examples of in-game marketing activations including mobile game advertising, diegetic advertising, IP collaborations, and advergames
– A comprehensive list of sources from academic and industry research
– Immediate steps to get started

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