Google Play
First Person

Three amazing game creators tell their story for the first time.

When Imprint Projects came to us to build a strategy for a new social presence for Google Play, we couldn’t have been happier to help. Mobile games are the biggest market on the planet by a long-shot, but the gamemakers behind some of the most popular titles are often unknown.

By creating original, authentic video content that told new stories, Google Play could continue to build its voice in the space of mobile play.

The pitch was to tell the stories of success, triumph, and heartbreak and why they power us to play, to get better, and to look for new experiences. The creators couldn’t be more unique.

Voice actress Ashly Burch told us about the challenges behind breathing life into established characters.

Bennett Foddy moved from a career as a musician for ground-breaking group Cut Copy to an Oxford-trained academic to a professional game designer.

Vassiliki Khonsari turned the intricacies of the city into an immersive mobile gaming experience.