8086 Heritage

When Intel came to us to highlight the past, present, and future of their groundbreaking x86 architecture, we knew we needed to do something different to mark this momentous occasion and the launch of their 8086K anniversary processor.

We kicked off a two-part series called “Heritage” that honored the contributions Intel made to the history of the PC through the eyes of influencers who’ve been following the space closely.

Our key insight was to capture Intel’s history in the voices of those that PC enthusiasts’ respected: AnneMunition, Linus Sebastian, Nabil “Aiekillu” Lahrech, and Matthew “Sevadus” Zagursky.

First, we brought them together to discuss the long-term history of Intel’s contributions to the world of the PC in a dynamic and energetic round-table discussion.

But rather than just discuss Intel’s history, we wanted to inspire viewers to be a part of that history as well. While filming, we captured what Anne, Linus, Matt, and Nabil wanted out of their dream PC. Little did they know, we’d go out and build those PCs.

We tapped SCPS, a Hollywood fabrication shop who’s worked on everything from Westworld to costumes for Avengers: Infinity War. Over the course of just a few weeks, we took our talents’ dreams and turned them into a reality.

The key insight was connecting the two stories between those who desire to take that next step and those that do. Connecting Intel’s “present” to the first video’s “past,” we traced the legacy of the 8086 processor and the x86 architecture to contemporary products.

The results were amazing. More than 8 million YouTube views later, the campaign has been a success for Intel.