Deepening Intel's connection to the gaming community

The Assignment

Intel had recently acquired a newsletter audience of hundreds of thousands of subscribers and wanted guidance on how to best engage and nurture that audience into a gaming community.

The Results

The Intel Software Gaming Access Program newsletter grew by over 400% over the course of 18 months.

What We Did

We interviewed current and prospective newsletter readers about their media and reading habits, particularly around hardware and video game news. We then ran a survey across our target gaming profile to develop detailed personas of our target audiences.

Once we understood our audience, we assessed the competition to pinpoint Intel’s unique value proposition — their hardware expertise and their access to game developers.

What They Got

Through our audience research, we determined a set of personas to target and developed three creative directions for the newsletter. Once a direction was picked, we created a style guide and distribution plan to interconnect their gaming assets.

We developed an editorial pipeline to manage the process of content delivery and cultivate regular reports on newsletter performance for future optimization.