Finding gamers in the immersive world of Sansar

The Assignment

Linden Lab wanted to identify potential new users for their latest virtual reality experience, Sansar. Despite being one of the more robust social VR experiences on the market, Sansar was unable to grow their player base beyond their initial group of pioneering users.

The Results

The Sansar development team is now making concerted efforts to introduce more elements of interactivity into the experience. Since our engagement, Linden Lab has relaunched Sansar with new branding, a more aggressive and cohesive advertising campaign, and plans for a robust music and concert virtual event series that features partnerships with brands like Monstercat.

A woman assisting a man with a VR headset


What We Did

We conducted interviews with current, former, and prospective Sansar players to distill what differentiated Sansar from their competitors, what discourages new players from staying, and what deters potential players from discovering and downloading the game.

What They Got

We developed an audience segmentation profile and personas to target new users more effectively. From those audience insights, we developed and tested new messaging pillars and taglines for the brand relaunch.

We also worked with the product team to test first-time users and provide recommendations for future product implementation.

Twofivesix has a great grasp on how to authentically speak to a really difficult demographic—the gamer. The insights they brought to the table and helped us glean were invaluable.”

-Sam Distaso, Director of Strategic Business Development at Sansar

sansar rebrand