Going deep on SoundCloud's gaming audience

The Assignment

After successfully dipping their toes into the gaming world, SoundCloud enlisted us to help them identify more opportunities to engage the gaming audience even more. 

The Results

We ran consecutive surveys with the general gaming audience and compared it to current SoundCloud users, outlined specific messaging and content opportunities, and provided creative thought starters for potential activations. Our presentation of findings served as a conversation starter among their marketing and product leads, inspiring new developments in their marketing strategies.

What We Did

We met with different departmental leads at SoundCloud to understand their needs and curiosities surrounding the gaming space. From there, we developed a survey targeting both the general gaming audience and SoundCloud’s user base. Our intent was to produce insights about the intersection of music and games in their lives while also charting the two audiences’ differences. We incorporated these survey findings, a brand audit, and our understanding of the gaming landscape to develop creative thought-starters that highlight SoundCloud’s unique strengths and opportunities.

What They Got

We developed a quantitative survey alongside the SoundCloud research team and provided data to inform the development of their internal consumer personas. We also provided specific strategic recommendations and creative thought starters for further development among their marketing teams, calling out specific opportunities unique to their positioning at the intersection of music, games, and culture.