Executing Spin Masters' First Campaign in Gaming

The Assignment

Spin Master partnered with Riot Games to develop a line of highly collectible and sought-after League of Legends-based figurines, plush toys, and cosplay accessories for people who love League. Spin Master asked us to help them develop a campaign to promote the products and drive sales.

What We Did

Spin Master wanted us to help them promote the collectible bat they created that is used by the beloved League of Legends character Ekko. We looked at League lore, community, and its competitive scene to find a core concept to drive a social and influencer campaign that also utilized Spin Master’s imagery and worked seamlessly with Riot Games’ branding.

Ekko is scrappy, stylish, and loyal to his crew. We developed a digital campaign that matches his aesthetic and helps the player celebrate their own come-up story. We researched gaming influencers that were known in the League fandom as well as influencers who were known for gaming cosplays. Through our audience research, we understood that League fans are not the same as all gamers, and our approach needs to be tailored to this loyal community.

What They Got

We developed a digital campaign that focused on social media content with an emphasis on influencers. We found that using mainstream influencers wouldn’t fit with the target audience we are trying to reach. Instead, we researched upcoming influencers on TikTok and Instagram who were known to the League fandom.

With the right mix of influencers, we were able to have a campaign that included TikToks and static images of Ekko’s bat being used in cosplays as well as being shown as a collector’s item. Some of the influencers we worked with include Danny Le (@Shiphtur) and Kelsie Pelling (@KayPea), who we had promote static images of the bat, as well as promote it on their streams and other social platforms such as Twitter. Other influencer work includes:

Cedric Adams, TikTok cosplayer.

We worked with him to create videos for TikTok and static images for Instagram.


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@foxfrdofficial Come unbox with me! We’re looking at the premium Ekko Bat collectible by @spin master, available at Target and Amazon. Everything about this bat is impressive! I love this! #ekko #toys #cosplay #leagueoflegends ♬ Green Light (feat. André 3000) – John Legend

Monty Artybridge and Kiera Brown, cosplayers and influencers


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The Results

The Ekko bat had been available for some time before Spin Master came to us to help them drive sales. After our campaign, Spin Master saw an 800% increase in sales, with over 2.3 million impressions.

Every partner outperformed their estimated impressions, indicating the right mix of strong organic connections with their audiences and love and excitement for Ekko’s Bat. The campaign was received positively by League of Legends fans, and fans continued to express excitement for upcoming League of Legends toys from Spin Master.