Channel and Content Strategy
Warby Parker

The Assignment

Helping a best-in-class retail brand find it’s gaming voice.

What We Did

There’s a natural relationship between vision and gaming, and Warby Parker and Twofivesix teamed up to unearth how exactly that connection can manifest in the real world. Warby Parker has an established brand voice and look, inspired by artists like Christopher Niemann, but was concerned that doing something game-related would compromise that identity.

Twofivesix built a content strategy that outlined how gaming and vision could work together with Warby Parker’s existing audience. Rather than looking outside of their owned channels, Warby Parker could tap the audience they already had by creating a custom product targeting the playfulness of games.

What They Got

To meet that need, we produced a channel and content strategy to guide their efforts over social and retail online presence. That included creative direction for editorial for their blog, guidance on how best to promote the product on social, and activation plans for PR and content partnerships. The campaign generated over 8 million impressions.

Additionally, we guided the construction of a custom game to be played on the product retail page and in-store.

The Results

We reached more than 8 million impressions, the glasses sold out, and the launch was one of the most successful for Warby Parker custom projects.

“Twofivesix’s creative spirit aligns closely with our own—we both believe in beautiful design, unexpected moments, and not taking ourselves too seriously. On top of that, we love games, and they love glasses. Working with such a respected voice in the video game industry—and a company that understands the impact of incorporating art and culture into their medium—made our first foray into gaming a special one,” says Neil Blumenthal, Warby Parker co-CEO and co-founder.